Grape salsa

photo-109The other day at work was a long day for everyone so we pitched in and brought snacks to share.  Since we are all foodies, I really had to think of something that would peak some interest.  The unique combination of grape salsa did the trick.  Of course we share what is involved in making our dish and everyone was quite surprised at how something so simple could be so amazing. Continue reading


Lemon lavender squares

photo-103When we get a beautiful day in February it makes me anxious for spring and summer.  Today is one of those days here in Dallas.  While soaking up some of this beautiful sunshine, I can faintly smell lavender from what is left of my herb garden.  It has been a cold winter. Continue reading

Creamy herbed mashed potatoes

photo-78I recently purchased a food mill.  I was told by a friend, who happens to be a chef, that if I wanted perfectly smooth mashed potatoes that I had to puree my potatoes with a food mill.  Using a food mill allows you to puree and gives it the texture needed to make creamy mashed potatoes. Continue reading

Brussel leaf saute with baby spinach

photo-99Believe it or not but brussels sprouts are my son’s favorite vegetable.  My girls would turn their noses up at this tiny ball of cabbage whenever it found it’s way onto their plates.  So now that the girls are on their own, he gets to enjoy his brussels sprouts at least once a week.  I’ve roasted and slightly steamed the veggie, but this saute is how he enjoys them best. Continue reading

Spring Lettuces with goat cheese & orange vinaigrette

cranberry saladThis salad is part of my Thanksgiving dinner menu; but with it’s simplicity you can make it any day.  The orange vinaigrette is light and easy to prepare. Orange, cranberries, and pecans are great flavors for any fall or winter meal. Continue reading

Roasted sweet potato spinach salad

cranberry saladI love a good spinach salad.  Spinach screams healthy because it is loaded with iron, vitamin K, carotenoids and folate. I used a mix of spinach, kale, and swiss chard tonight when I tossed my salad together.   Adding roasted sweet potatoes, cranberries, and pecans makes this spinach salad a fall favorite and a perfect side. Continue reading